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January 1, 2013
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OW: Dakoeda 2 by Who-I-AmI OW: Dakoeda 2 by Who-I-AmI
Basic Information
Name: Dakoeda
Age: 18 -19
Height: 5' 8
Species: Human possessed by an alien plasma with magical properties.
Pretty much he’s a shape shifter made out of this goo substance that grew a conscious at one point in its existence, so he’s not limited to organic creatures. These creatures, in order to live, attach themselves to a host of their choosing and pretty much rip out their soul to place their own in its shell, fusing the goop together with the body to create a whole new life form Enhancing what abilities the creature may already have or add some of their own. What happens to the soul is up to the souls themselves, they can rest in peace, haunt like a ghost or stay attached to their body with the limited amount of abilities (as such in Dakoeda’s case).

Academic Information
Level: Intermediate
Current classes: Elm 103, SHM 103, OTW 101
Passed Classes: SHD 101, ELM 101
Experience: dunno o3o?

Personal Information

Food/eating Sweets; especially chocolate in any shape or form, Spending time with people, milk from soy to strawberry banana, Music, writing, did I mention Chocolate?
He would never let you know that he doesn't like something intentionally

Hurting people he cares for
Losing his sanity,
Loosing Echo

The same goal as the last, but with the added bonus of enhancing his natural born abilities

A very simple minded guy always ready and willing to give a smile; living by the motto of forgive and never forget and you’ll be happy, you could blame his rather scatterbrained nature plus that a limitless supply of energy that has no time to waste on staying at one constant emotion for too long. Beneath all of that dorkiness, he's too complex to comprehend, dumbing himself down to make it easier on everyone around him including himself, in essence suppressing his true self.

He was always interested in the paranormal, supernatural, and everything in between, completely infatuated by the scary monsters that lurked about; you could say his self-preservation was a little wonky at the time, still is to this day really. The only times he ever retaliated was in his own defense...honest. And that's pretty much it, he touched something he wasn't supposed to and now he's infested with some weird stuff with mysterious properties, that gives him abilities he has no idea what it is. But this was not him, in all reality this body is not even his, he’s not even male or alive.
Let’s start from the Beginning, the Dakoeda you know today was not human but a rare alien plasma that grew a conscious and life of its own, “his” curiosity and fast growing knowledge is what allowed for such an occurrence to happen. But these beings cannot sustain life in this form so they look for a host like a parasite.
“He” found the REAL Dakoeda, a seven year old GIRL who had no life left in her (quite literally) she was the perfect vessel, but the only thing his instincts didn’t account for was the fact that his every growing conscious heart instantly made a connection with hers and they became fast friends.
She named him Echo from when they first met and “he” tried to speak to her, using words in her own voice to do so. But this lovely time together came to an end eight years later, when she was fifteen and both of them were too weak to carry on any further.
Over the years they tried everything to make this relationship last longer than it was meant to, without having one or the other dying or loosing themselves in the process, but it just couldn’t be done and it was after those 8 years, when their bodies hit rock bottom that they finally accepted their fate.
Realizing Echo had more too live for that she did Dakoeda was the one to make the first move, no one knows for sure what she exactly did, but it worked. Of course not without an internal battle that lasted for three weeks straight.
But in the end Echo woke up in the body and was known from that day forth as the Dakoeda we know today (pretty much a body switch). He of course captured her spirit and stuffed it into the “leftovers” of his previous form and somehow managed to create something, but this something was not the girl he knew, but something closer to a less intellectual version of what he was (tongue twister), a baby you could say.
The three years that followed had been maddening, so maddening that he taught himself to restrict his other emotions besides joy in order to keep sane.

Miscellaneous Info.
+Dakoeda is actually happy he’s not fake in the slightest he’s not Pretending to be fine, he really is, it just if he were to actually be his intellectual self, to be his “true” self he’ll go mad and cause everyone to more pain than need be
+Echo enjoys replicating things he finds interesting and morph into it, say a cat for instance, though he can't change his metallic color
+Echo can talk with broken speech if he were to really try hard
+Echo nibbles on fingers and toes
+Dakoeda is very loud and expressive, for the sole reason that he needs his emotions to outshine other's or he'll be overwhelmed (empath abilities)
+Dakoeda Has a burn scar across his chest and stomach, and splattered about his legs
+Echo or Dakoeda may disappear one day if either were to become stronger than the other
+Echo is androgynous
+do you really want to know how a girl body became male o---o
+I still love Echo more than I do Dakoeda x3

Roleplay Information:

Chatroom availability:
chats scare me unless there’s someone I know there, sooo pull me over there and I’ll try to go on more often X’D

IM Availability:
Skype’s usually open if you want to rp or just talk I’m up to either, but unless you note with a head’s up I might not be online ^^; my Skype’s

How did you find #OtherWorlde?:
Stalking people =w=

Script Sample:
Dakoeda: *walked down the empty corridor stretching and screwing Echo's putty like body absentmindedly, the gooey creature didn't seem to mind, heck it looked like it was enjoying itself* There were people here a moment ago right? *he said aloud* -/right, right/- *echo repeated living true to his name.* Right...So what you're saying is, we're lost -/We're lost, lost!/- *Dakoeda sighed deflated, and all but walked but two steps, before falling into a hole, that appeared out of nowhere*

Paragraph Sample:
BAM! Yeah that, that was going to hurt in the morning. Dakoeda wheezed out a groan, the air having been sufficiently knocked out of him, lying there at the base of the hole greedily sucking air back into his lungs. Echo just watched, making no indication that he felt the need to do anything in any way that would possibly be remotely constructive, for a familiar, or whatever he was in all technical speak, he wasn't all that familiar to the concept of helping.

Lol yup pretty much he folded over his dress to make a large baggy jacket of sorts and then stitched it together of he can have giant pockets xDDDD, then he switched from tights to cargo pants~
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